• Governmental Affairs

  • Congressional Action Committee - Congressional Contact Information

    The tax and funding policies of congress, other federal laws, and the decisions of federal agencies can have significant cost and regulatory impact on businesses, individuals, and local governments. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the business community to make its views on pending federal issues known to members of the Mississippi Congressional Delegation.

    Committee Purpose
    To help promote and protect the interests of the Jackson Metro Area that could be affected by congressional or other federal action. The committee will advise the chamber board of directors of any issues that the committee feels the board should investigate for possible communication to members of the Mississippi Congressional Delegation. 

    Committee Activities

    • Meet with key local representative of each district congressional office in Jackson area to learn of major pending issues.
    • Advise chamber board of issues thought to be of significant interest to metro area to warrant board investigation and possible communication with members of the Mississippi Congressional Delegation.
    • Join in attending one or two Congressional Issue Update meetings featuring a member of the Mississippi Congressional Delegation or other special guests. Such update meetings will be joint projects of the Membership, Governmental Relations, and Executive Departments of the Chamber.
    • Visit each local congressional office at least once each year to maintain relationships and communications.

  • Local and State Government Committee

    Mississippi has a “strong legislature.” The legislature is primarily responsible for the state’s business climate because the state controls economic incentives, business licensing, highway funding, tax policy, education, public health, the judicial system, and passes most of the laws regulating the day-to-day activities of its people. The legislature provides little home rule for cities and counties.

    Committee Purpose
    To promote and protect the interests of the Metro Jackson Area that could be affected by actions of the legislature.

    Committee Activities
    The committee meets year round and its activities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

    • Develop an annual Metro Legislative Agenda by November 1 or before each year, involving other metro area chambers, on major legislative issues of concern to all parts of the metro area.
    • Develop additional legislative agenda items of interest to the Chamber that may not be included in the Metro Legislative Agenda and submit to the chamber board for action.
    • Present proposed Metro Legislative Agenda and other legislative agenda to metro area legislators in early November or before.
    • Develop lobbying strategies for each issue.
    • Keep chamber board of directors informed and solicit assistance when appropriate
    • Provide opportunities for interaction with metro area legislators and other elected officials.

  • Regional Transportation Advocacy Board and Waterfront Development

    Transportation, the orderly and timely movement of goods and people, into, from, and within our metro area is essential if the area is to reach its economic potential and be attractive to outside investors. A well planned, reasonable cost, intermodal transportation system that meets present needs and has the funding capability to systematically increase capacity as needed is a desired goal.

    Advocacy Board Purpose
    The purpose of the committee is to stay informed on transportation needs and concerns in the three county metro area and make appropriate recommendations to the chamber board of directors for solving identified problems. 

    The committee will meet at least quarterly to pursue its assigned purpose. Some, but not all, activities that it may choose to do are the following:

    • Tour transportation facilities.
    • Meet with Mississippi Department of Transportation Officials.
    • Meet with representatives of the area transportation planning agency, the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District.
    • Meet with local and state elected officials on transportation concerns and funding issues.
    • Hear periodic status reports from representatives of various modes of transportation such as air, rail, and motor freight.

  • Workforce Development

    Employers: Are you taking advantage of the various free services provided by the Mississippi Workforce Investment Network, which includes the Mississippi Department of Employment Security and your local community college?  

    WIN Job Centers
    The WIN (Workforce Investment Network) Job Centers in Mississippi, partner with the  Mississippi Department Employment Security and other public and private agencies, to provide a variety of services to employers, such as:

    • job posting listings for employers and potential employees
    • screening of job applicants 
    • meeting facilities for company meeting and training sessions
    • on site GED and computer training         
    • custom training
    • Advising employers of all funding, training programs, and tax credits available to them for workforce training and development.
    • providing temporary office space for interviewing and other needs
    • making referrals to appropriate WIN partners.    


    Contact your local WIN Center for assistance with the above matters. WIN Centers in the Jackson Metro Area are located in Jackson, Canton, and Pearl. Contact information is as follows.

                Jackson           5959 I-55 North (West side Frontage Road) (601) 321-7931

                Canton            152 Waterford Parkway Drive, (601)859-7609            

                Pearl               212 St. Paul Street, (601) 939-0786

  • Community Colleges


    The community colleges have long been the primary providers of workforce development training services in Mississippi.  Community colleges provide:

    • Funding for various training programs
    • Pre-employment training
    • Post employment training, retraining and upgrade training
    • Media support for training modules
    • Information on skill Training Income Tax Credits


    Community colleges serving the Jackson Metro Area are Hinds Community College and Holmes Community Colleges. Workforce Development contacts are:

    Hinds:   Terry Baum  (601) 857-3718

    Ridgeland Branch of Holmes: Mike Blankenship (601) 605-3315